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Pre-press properly customized process

    development of pre-press process is aimed at showing the clear path to print production. Everything is linked and connected, procedures of each small segment do not agree up man-made or perceived errors, once mistakes will cause irreparable damage. General gravure printing on intaglio roller process of strict proportionality and line composite transfer printing is more strict with the prepress production process, working out the prepress process need to be wary of.

    1. raw material determination (1) transfer: General selection of base PET film, due to the small PET film stretching than OPP film, not good. (2) paper: selected papers to reference at the end of the sample or according to customer requirements. Request paper smooth surface, good flexibility (paper fibers cannot be too hard). After this procedure when die cutting and creasing to ensure line indentation full carton without edges. (3) adhesive: at home and in combination products currently used on the type of adhesive solvent adhesive, water-based adhesives and UV adhesives. They have different functions. Solvent-based adhesives dry fast, release function well, but the smell is not conducive to environmental protection and combination products up volume severe, placed over time the color will be yellow and white cloud-fog (Rosin content caused by). Water-based adhesive solvent topic does not exist, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly.  Particularly after the thin-film coating and paper when pressed, glue for liquids of natural events, can be quickly filled full depression on the surface of the paper sector, so the composite product finish, composite fastness, composite products there is no warping phenomenon, flat in appearance, excellent comprehensive functions. UV adhesive fast drying colloidal soft, good performance, high bonding strength, high temperature resistance, good freeze function, complex product is not explosive, not brittle. In practical use, according to the different equipment functions, drying, gluing, product requirements, use different functions of binders, in order to achieve the desired combined effect. (4) clear: also called resin oil, coating compound or the transfer of gold and silver, laser paper surfaces, making it at the time of printing the ink has a better absorption. There are two choice of varnish. First: the oily varnishes (volatile dry type), the main ingredient is synthetic resin (nitrocellulose, acrylic resin), and contains some additives. The advantage of coating thickness, drying speed is fast. Disadvantages are easily with similar resin system in printing ink dissolved. Second: varnish, main component is acrylic emulsion and add some defoaming agents and additives. Its strength is less coating, lacquer coating thin, can save costs, will not easily with ink dissolved in the printing process. Disadvantages are slow drying. (5) printing inks: the current volatile domestic gravure general use of paper drying oily inks, solvent for ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), butyl acetate and toluene, harm to the human body, is not conducive to environmental protection. Environmentally-friendly aqueous gravure printing ink is still not mature, still in the process of research and development. Line compound transfer should choose non-benzene gravure printing inks, its volatile drying medium, pigment particle size 3~5 μ m, high color depth, color saturation, high temperature performance, strong adhesion, printing ink layer surface printing, printing surface not easily bruised. Thinner for ethyl acetate, 98.5% per cent of ethanol or isopropanol. Slow-drying agent can use ether, its low toxicity. 2. the analysis of the production process before (1) composite transfer paper process introduced on paper composite, transfer steps are: first adhesive transfer film and paper bonded together at the end of, and then separate the transfer film base film and paper, paper surface adhesive layer, aluminum and coated layers. Paper can be tight, so wet compound, first to transfer film size, and then together with the paper close to the end of it, and finally drying.

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