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Classification of common printing paper paper

    printing paper paper according to the different uses can be divided into industrial paper, wrapping paper, paper, paper for culture of several categories of life and culture paper including writing paper, art paper, printing paper. In printing papers, according to the function and the characteristics of the paper into newsprint paper, letterpress printing, coated paper for offset printing, paper, map and chart paper, printing paper, painting newspaper, a weekly newspaper, white paper, writing paper, and so on. Other high-end printed materials are also widely used art drawing paper.

    newsprint: newsprint paper is mainly used for newspapers and some printed letterpress books, paper and soft, rich in elastic-plastic, ink absorption ability, a certain mechanical strength, suitable for a variety of high-speed rotary press printing. This paper more to wood paddle for manufacturing raw materials, contains more of wood quality and the impurities, paper easily yellow sent crisp, anti-water very poor, so should not be long-term retained letterpress printing paper: this is should for letterpress printing of dedicated paper, paper of nature with newsprint poor soon, anti-water, and color quality purity, and paper surface of smooth degrees more newsprint slightly good, sucking ink sex more average, but strong ink capacity than newsprint to poor.

    paper for offset printing: offset printing paper is used to offset (lithographic) printing a paper, and one-side offset paper and offset two, one-side offset paper is mainly used for printing posters, packaging boxes; double sided paper is mainly used for printed catalogs, pictures, etc. Uncoated paper compact, smaller scalability, strong resistance to water, can effectively prevent the colour printing of paper deformation, dislocation, napped, shedding problems. To print good color purity.

    offset coated paper: also known as coated paper, is coated with a layer of inorganic coating on paper and then by super calendar made of a high-grade paper, smooth surface of the paper, color purity higher, printing can be more delicate and smooth networks, can be used to reproduce the original layering, widely used in art, pictures, trade leaflets, etc.

    gravure printing: intaglio printing paper white firm, has excellent smoothness and resistance, mainly for the printing of banknotes, stamps and other high quality requirements and is not easy to copy print.

    Whiteboard paper: whiteboard paper is a fibrous tissue more average, and surface layer has filler and rubber material components and surface coated has a layer paint, by more roll pressure light manufacturing out of a paper, paper complexion quality purity high, has more average of sucking ink sex, has better of resistance folding degrees, main for commodity packaging box, and commodity table lining, and pictures charts,.

    synthetic paper: is the use of chemical raw materials such as olefin synthetic paper and then add some additives produced by, and has a soft texture and resistance to tensile strength, high resistance, light resistance to hot and cold, and is able to withstand Chemical erosion and pollution-free, breathable, widely used for high art, maps, pictures, high-end books printed.

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