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Printing process temperature's effect on printing quality

    offset printing machine temperature control and its effect on the quality of printing ink unit temperature press most of the transmission power is used to drive the inking device. In the inking unit, when the ink separation, rubber roller pressure and oscillating roll round series mechanical energy into heat. So people thought cycle of water and ink rollers and ink roller temperature, as far as possible from the place of origin of the heat discharge. In this cycle the water tank in the Center, sector press group accompanying the next unit is adjusted to the desired temperature. Best use of full thermostat (cooling and heating), so that the inking device before you start printing it can reach a temperature scale. Control inking unit temperature so far implemented three programmes in this article to compare.

    determination of these three programmes in different locations as the adjustment of temperature difference: 1) is the surface temperature of the inking device.

    2) Regulation is injected into the inking rollers in the appliance thermostat with temperature.

    3) adjustment the center of constant temperature equipment water temperature in the tank. • oil cooling is offset transmission side idea frame and bearing the thermal power generated is small, but because the discharge is unlikely and so cause side part with a fever. Shield protection in the absence of transmission side parts where you can feel the high temperatures of approximately 60~C, which the average temperature of the whole machine width has an adverse effect. Oil-cooled temperatures no higher than the temperature effect is to make the side parts. • cooling called the fountain of water or alcohol dampening devices typically used for cooling of fountain solution water supply, the temperature of about 10 degrees centigrade. Overall, the cooling of fountain for the thermolysis of offset is small. But keep fountain low temperature helps to reduce the alcohol in the mixing vessel and evaporation of the water plant, and viscosity of the fountain can progress. • constant temperature waterless offset printing plate cylinder cooling effects of the fountain is missing. For waterless offset without inking unit temperature, preferably through the plate cylinder desk, allow it to cool. Offset printing requires ink unit temperature of water. Experiment introduced in this article was not included in the plate cylinder thermostat. • infrared (old) all fever temperature sensor surface will emit infrared rays, the rays radiation detectors for the measurement of agile, and as the temperature display. For absolute measurements need to be calibrated or the right to learn more about the surface of launch capabilities. In paper in the using infrared temperature sensor is to measure lost ink device, and measuring surface parts and rubber cloth Shang of temperature, to provides thermostat with of regulation volume (regulation method 1). • printing in the of fluctuations for field density and order tone increases available three a regulation method with copies to judge, and these copies is in big bulk printing in the from more than 175,000 more Zhang in the taking to of. Plates are almost the same. Main is the measure of a statistical deviation and the difference between the maximum and minimum range.

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