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Printing film common mode

&Nbsp;   print cover after finishing the film to print progress grades, typically two kinds of films: a dumb film, a light film. Film is the polypropylene plastic film cover on the printing surface, using adhesives heat, pressurized to make it bond with the process. Lamination process is divided into pre-coating film and coating film two. Gelatinizing are adhesive coated in plastic film in advance, dry winding. Later in the case of adhesive by pressing to complete the print film. Coating film that is in the film when you want to use adhesives. Laminating methods are divided into "cold" and "hot mounting" and "cold" are using glue and pressure cold laminator photo boards glued together and covered with plastic film and back, and "heat-mounted" is done by heat-mounted machine of high temperature, high pressure photo framed. In contrast, lower cost of cold, but the better heat-mounted, framed photos after the retention time is longer. His finished print of the film looks great, and the quality is very high, almost every print needs covered with plastic film. In Langfang in the printing industry printing and coating plant was separated, so professional.
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