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Three attributes of color comparison method

    normally, proofing color and ink is impossible to reproduce exactly the same hue, but deployment of ink color and proofing of color close to the maximum.  

   , color changes of deployment of inks needed to grasp the basics of chromatics. 1, deployment of ink is the use of color RGB, y, m, c according to a certain ratio can be of mixed black principle.

    2, tricolor ink y, m, c, mixed in equal proportions to mix black, together with the different proportions of dilution, can get varying degrees of neutral gray.

    3, the three primary colors ink y, m, c, mixed in different proportions to get different hues of colors or rich, y, m, c three color printing ink colors r, g B,Y, m, c is a complex color, the hue of the note was released on the larger side of ink color.

    4 and a balanced mix of ink colors, are standard colors.

    II, color 1, color spectrum color comparison method. Field full of spot colors on the color version, from the color spectrum, color code above on the distribution of the ratio of colored inks. Can find halftone dot on the color spectrum the color rendering of y, m, c the number of percentage points.  2, three attributes of color comparison method of comparing color copy sample match the ink color lightness, hue and saturation.  ① If the brightness on the gaps, can be corrected by adding dilute agent; II if the color difference, partial color, can take advantage of complementary rules to correct, but will increase the neutral gray, reducing the value of black.  Third, deploy its ink requirements 1, color version of the ink color must conform to interior design, try to close the gap, to tone.  2, leveling out of ink too thin too heavy were inappropriate, should enable the ink with a certain viscosity and mobility.  3, a field full of tobacco, wine packaging, trademarks have been added with a certain volume of the dry red, white oil, must not exceed 5% ink, drying oil will float to the surface crystallization phenomena affecting black matte, less dry oil sticking on the back up, so the appropriate number of drying oil, must not be too much or too little. 4, select high quality printing ink, ink nature of the original ink and color from different manufacturers are not the same, it is best to select a manufacturer of ink products.  5, to consider when inking the printing properties of the paper, paper is coarse, strong ink absorption, consumption of printing ink, grasp the difference in temperature increases or decreases dryness oil into.  6, released inks require one-time use, remaining slightly, prevent the deployment of fewer short inking, printed color differences, inking more lavish original ink.  7, for the color version of the package design, careful analysis, rigorous calculation to grasp the original ink and added a dilution ratio.  8, after the ink out, the machine printed color swatch should be carefully compared with the color version, hue error corrected, required when washing the ink color ink, ink roller wash normally needs to be cleaned several times to avoid washing the ink color not clean so that the ink line topic. 9, the deployment ratio of ink composition and inking the number of documentaries, so that the stub file, as a basis for reference next time you repeat printing.  

    four, and deployment tint ink of approach General joined diluted agent, and white ink, and Willie oil, distribution into of ink, collectively for tint ink, its deployment process for: 1, and according to color draft and ink color sample for analysis, manipulation who can according to color standard Shang similar hue of diluted agent and primary colors ink of percentage rate, first preliminary determine by needed of proportion, do idea.  2, watered down gradually to join the color ink trace, and take the ink test determines whether ink is qualified.  3, note one point, watered down provision in Pale ink, which can be added to the color ink dilution, as primary ink vehicle in the dilution capability, original ink bad concentration and grasp, which stretches out the ink, while also not easy inking.  4, deployment of light first of all try to experiment a little adjustment, hue to achieve color draft colors, then press test ratio of the volume of the data parameter for a small amount of inking.  5, under normal circumstances, print color packaging field, in order to achieve the shiny, average thick ink products, you can use white ink and Willie as a dilution of oil.  6, need to register on-site, watered down add light to the deployment, so as not to affect the color of color effects. Five, blending dark colour means deployment of deep colors of ink, Only darker inks without and seldom-used watered down the inking, known as the dark ink.  The deployment process is as follows: 1, according to the analysis of color colour originals, determine what percentage of primary colors and secondary colors can be determined as a percentage according to the color code on the.  2, printing number to determine the weight of leveling inks, inking ratio of primary and secondary colors of the original ink, varnish, dry oils, ink type, number, and manufacturer a specific register.  3, according to the subtractive method, theory, inking should minimize the use of primary colors of ink types, two original ink to adjust the color, not the best three primary colors ink transfer, avoid many kinds of color ink, reducing the transparency of the ink, bright luster of the product.  4, adjust dark ink, is to refer to the color code on the ratio of second, first in a small amount of color ink for debugging, deployment out of the ink color meets color version requirements, then inking in large quantities. 5, provisioning, deep colors of ink, sometimes still need to add a small amount of black ink level in order to achieve the desired color effect.

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