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The advantage of binding

    for binding, hardcover book block posted back, shell and the book as well as paperback books, magazines and manuals cover such processes. Binding glue are mainly as follows: starch adhesives (starch, dextrin), animal glue (bone), cellulose Binder, a synthetic resin adhesive (polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, hot-melt glue).

    1. starch adhesive

    (l) starch paste. Book binding with starch paste (also called paste) are mainly from wheat, corn, potato, rice starch as raw material extracted, starch (5%~12%) and water (95% 188) heated to 80 ℃ and manufactured. Grasp an accurate temperature modulation, paste will have stronger bonding force. When Wen Du low, cannot complete gelatinization of starch, weak cement and difficult to use when the temperature is high, the paste will gradually become the glass-like transparency, inherited heats up, will soon reduce the adhesion of paste.

    paste is a common adhesive binding materials, widely used in bond paper, fabric and paper paste, glue a bitch cover, ring, brush back processing, not suitable for adhesive bonding strength for high machining parts. Paste a wide source of raw materials, making simple, tasteless, nontoxic, low cost, facilitate. Pastes have certain bond stretch, but easy to absorb water deliquescence, and sticks to fall off. Paste fermented, musty that corruption, in order to prevent corruption, often adding a small amount of formaldehyde, so system is now used.

    (2), dextrin. Dextrin starch raw materials, compared with the paste, its strong adhesive, fast drying and good transparency, you can place spoiled for a long time, widely used.

    dextrin can be soluble in hot water, not only, but also into concentrations of various adhesives can be dissolved in cold water, generally with the concentration of 45%~50% dextrin solution for paper, fabric and other adhesives.

    dextrin dry film fragile, strong adhesion, as with Cyclodextrin, bonding, wood and paper, the dried Peel easily from the Cyclodextrin. Can join l%~2% glycerol with progressive film elasticity joined 0.65%~1% borax, progress of Cyclodextrin bond stretch.

    2. glue

    glue the main prion protein ingredients are gelatin, bone or skin glue of low purity, high purity of the gelatin. Bone glue at room temperature is a solid pus lumps. Cannot be dissolved in cold water, but it can absorb water and swell. When using animal bone, skin, horns as raw material and extract the adhesion of glue protein is made.

    bone collagen high bond strength, setting well, because of the low moisture content, drying is faster for making hardcover and back cloth, paper, adhesive cloth over the back. Glue long resistance to water, water will cause plastic to expand, loss of bond strength, if water weighing more than 20%, it will spoil.

    When you use bone glue should gel 1, 2 copies of the proportion of water soaked in water 10h, when used with heat bath method to heat it to 70~75 (good dissolved into a liquid, liquid normal activity immediately after use. Heated glue prone to decay when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees. Animal glues are very versatile, sources are limited, has gradually been replaced by synthetic rubber.

    gelatin rarely used in book binding, because of its high price, generally used in upscale catalogs or special processing takes place.

    3. cellulose adhesive

    also known as paper cellulose adhesive pastes, grain-free paste. Book binding adhesive is used in cellulose carboxymethyl cellulose adhesive. Paper paste no goods to sell, mostly cut-paper used for printing their own processing. General paper is broken after the destruction, by chemical means alkaline, ether, made and processed by adding water. Because of its wide source of raw materials and therefore applied in the printing industry.

    paper paste dried adhesive good performance, film has good elasticity, reserved performance, not mouldy, not afraid of rats biting insects are alternatives to starch paste.

    paper paste can be used to bond inserts, lined pages, Pack cover, drying speed is slower than starch paste, such as used with polyvinyl alcohol, the effect is good.

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