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Printing RGB coloring

    current image material disposal tend not to be thinking of printing-related requirements, directly from the middle of converting RGB to CMYK printing. To make high quality prints from a professional point of view, required framework task process RGB materials, using the most suitable CMYK for printing material conversion methods in central China.

    1.RGB material handling

    the so-called disposal refers to the use of RGB RGB materials materials material as prepress tasks, and transform the material adjustments become can be contented with CMYK printing material and printing skills. Details include:

    (1) RGB CMYK conversion operation materials;

    (2) calibration work (preamble to the digital camera, monitors and output devices, storage, etc);

    (3) image handling homework (color correction, image composition, color conversion, image correction, etc);

    (4) color management (based on guesses judging the output of digital material consequences, and so on), and Central printing.

    to RGB disposal needs of photographers, designers, plate-making companies to distinguish their responsibilities, formulate RGB specifications for materials disposal in central China. See conversion rules is a major printing skills.

    should be set to reflect external RGB digital prepress company part of the manuscript, the right documents to go to the next process in Central printing.

    process 2.RGB task requires

    in order to complete the RGB materials disposal, required framework task flows corresponding to the RGB image material, digital camera RGB manuscript number of the present, must meet the needs of the printing Union.

    after completion of RGB task process, you can reduce the quantity of photographers, designers and other responsibilities and tasks, reduced quality variable attack in central China. In addition, complete the shortening of delivery and cost reduction materials market. If the image material manufactured with a material library, in addition to can improve work efficiency, and image material in the second printing skills.

    3.RGB the task process benchmarking

    to build RGB the task process, demand original collaboration of employers, therefore, proposed benchmarks are very important, the following is a detailed example of equipment supplies.

    (1) requirements for photographers

    using photoshop6.0 version;

    monitor calibration is necessary;

    do not convert from RGB CMYK data;

    If the color needs to be amended, please refer to RAW data patterns to the prepress company;

    the resolution of the image is set to 350dpi;

    supply data records (photographers, software, color space, resolution, can sharpen, etc);

    print size A4 size of sites, with more than 6 million as the camera photography;

    print on skin photography and other quality requirements, required more than 12 million as the photographic camera in central China.

    (2) requirements for Designer

    * monitor calibration is necessary;

    * does not convert from RGB CMYK data;

    * image color correction and color management to a pre-press company for completion;

    * a spell, spelling version and other layout to a pre-press company for completion of equipment supplies.

    4. professionally CMYK conversion

    for CMYK conversion, it is necessary to change the color set printing based on graphics and text marketing. Conversion work itself is very brief, originally \ "to reproduce the color of hoping for, how to convert in order to obtain high quality \" problem, but it is a matter of professional skills materials market. In order to reproduce the color of approaching with the RGB image, calling for density adjustment and levels adjustment, limited skills within the CMYK color space to get the color that you need printed stuff. Made quality color reproduction of points for example following:

    (1) in conditioning black version generated of also, for conversion lessons (makes clear of black version text printing, and gray balanced conditioning, and close manuscript color, and details of pursuit, became can);

    (2) because sometimes will attack printing version sets ban of problem, so to for stuck printing disposal (makes background not too conspicuous) material market. 2nd with the structured image data may be set in place to avoid printing ban is difficult, skillful skills in demand print market. Such tasks can be said to be the task for a professional printing market.

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