Original color solutions

    in the area of publications and packaging printing, color printing has become a mainstream print, print quality is also moving forward. But because of the subjective and objective factors, achieve the quality level of matter, still cannot be compared with the foreign products. We know, color printing products of quality, by copy process many factors, as color manuscript figure as of order adjustable level, and dot expanded value, and color balance, restricted, and among and to printing Qian figure as making of quality level, directly decided printing products of quality, is in sedan printing Shi can on some insufficient of at for sector correction, but to printing out boutique basically on powerless has. Therefore, when making the image before printing, such as insufficient original quality, you should try to correct. Now, simply introduce some techniques and methods.

    i. requirements for manuscript

    (1) original manuscript of density difference of the maximum and minimum density (the contrast), prints up to maximum density value of 1.8, printing photographic images can be up to 1.7, trim original black ink density for 1.8. In General, the originals of all dimensions on white paper can only be reproduced in the 0~1.8 range, so the manuscript, there is a density range suitable for printing. When the original density is too large, density range scanner and power extension beyond the sector reflect decreased agility and separations. According to practice, original 0.3~2.1, that is most appropriate when the contrast is 1.8. Color negative density difference under 2.4; If the original contrast is less than 2.5 for reasonable compression when copying, the effect is good, if the original contrast is greater than 2.5, gradient compression and even when you copy, also will lose too much, is ineffective.

    (2) originals line general overall color cast, low-key color, high line and level of the different color (that is, cross-line). Therefore, correcting when looking at the whole, can't see a line as soon as a color, otherwise it will cause the other line. (3) original levels measure the quality of reproductions of the main level, color and clarity, the three indicators and level is the most important. Normal levels should have a picture of the manuscript does not dim the light, high, medium, low, density series, gradient features such as rich.

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