Next year end of primary and middle school textbooks covered green printing

    in recent years, with the rapid economic and social development, and environmental concepts such as low-carbon, green people. As an important part of national conservation strategies, green printing and highly valued by the Government, in the printing industry in the upcoming "Twelve-Five plan" clearly put forward in order to develop green printing industry. From an international perspective, green printing has become the future development direction of printing industry in foreign countries, developing green printing industry has also become a common topic, development of China's Green printing delay.

    from the press and publications administration in Beijing jointly held by the Ministry of environmental protection and green printing to promote on the message, our country will be achieved before the end of 2013 green printing full coverage of elementary and high school textbooks, and "Twelve-Five" final basic printed green environmental protection system, and strive to make green printing companies to print the total number of enterprises of 30%, environmental indicators have reached the international advanced level of printing products.

    green refers to the environmental impact of printing small print, less pollution, conserve resources and energy. Since the implementation in 2010 green printing, 153 companies have been certified green printing, green printing standards, testing and certification system of the basic formation, energy conservation, benefit people's livelihood and the adjustment of industrial structure and achieved important results.

    Director of the General Administration of press and publication of Print Management Division introduced Wang Yanbin, currently certified green printing companies only accounted for 0.15% of the total national production value accounted for 4.5% of the whole industry. Through environmentally-friendly printing, digital printing, green printing technology such as digital workflow application, printing Enterprise energy consumption level has been greatly enhanced. Sample enterprise statistics, green printing processes, saving some 355,000 billion yuan output value, saving paper, ink consumed about 21.7 tons about 1 ton. In addition, by improving the technology and equipment, reduce environmental noise and dust emissions, must be printed in China has improved the working environment.

    reporter learned that, before the implementation of green printing certification, most printing companies used uncertified national paper, ink and other materials and traditional printing process. Today, the green certification printing the paper more than 60% through the Forest Stewardship Council certification, environment-friendly ink usage of 80%.

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