Printing company "transition" and the steady development of recommendations

    "transition" printing industry trends in these two years, the industry most of the talk about the transformation of basic closely around the "printing" business. However, there are indications that a growing number of enterprises started printing the circle unrelated industries, seeking to use their skillful technique of printing industry, opening up new ground in other areas, such as personalized printing, or there have been many cases of unexpected transformation.

    1. printing company – stability of production second to none

    in fact, the most compact is the pursuit of devices can be opened not only to much higher speeds, but the key is stability, reduce troubles in production, print production will naturally improve. "Stressing the importance of stability for production equipment, while others such as equipment standardization, digitization and the requirements for service and other value-added items, also in order to ensure the stability of the best production.


    and standardized equipment manufacturing if production, digital production, is also a printing enterprise production and a guarantee of stability. Although individual seems to become the mainstream market, however the large volume industrial production still has a lot of needs, for this part live, standardization of equipment because of its precise specifications, product quality is stable, still has a huge advantage.

    for example, Lu Ban of hand-made furniture, each one worth a, which contains production "gods" technique, also means creation, means no rules. Large-scale production requires skill, quick start is the operator, minimizing impact of operator changes. Relative emphasis on individual skills of Luban, McDonald's global marketing is the standard production model. For all our quality control from the standard.

    therefore, the personalization is based on standardized higher level and requirements.

    3.--responsible for

    to learn more advanced manufacturers of excellent management experience, focus on after-sales service. We have to look long term, make the long-term plan. From the angle of sustainable development to balance their short-term benefits and long-term development relationship. While complete after-sales service. "No no fault of equipment in the world, but has failed to solve, you will win the trust of customers. "So long, is on its own brand of equipment maintenance.

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