Investigation report on the implementation of the Green printing, color printing plant

    according to the national implementation of the green color printing research reports: 55% color printing, consider first when investing in green, most printers say green printing system for enterprise's strategic planning and investment strategies have an important impact.

    international printing and Verdigris green initiatives organization released a research report on the national implementation of the Green printing. Main conclusions are as follows.

    green printing systems established and implemented poorly

    survey, more than 50% color printing factory agrees "Enterprise printed green printing system will contribute to business development, and is essential for business and long-term development". But in practice, only 34% of color printing really establishes the Green printing system, and most color printing is made by the customer environmental requirements established under; also 34% color printing plant had failed to set up the system, but plans to build.

    green printing and color printing plant is closely related to revenue

    in the survey, 55% color printing plant, consider first when investing in green, 18% color printing factory green printing system for enterprise's strategic planning and investment strategies have an important impact. Meanwhile, 53% color printing plant identity "green printing and corporate revenue is closely related to" view 31% think of colour printing, in addition to the hardcover book printing need green, printed material should not overlook the environmental awareness among the suppliers, the future they will be more inclined to purchase more environmentally friendly eco-friendly printing materials.

    color printing plant began calculating carbon footprint

    survey, 29% color printing factory has begun calculating their carbon footprints, 28% color printing plant ready to carry out this work in the near future. Color printing has begun to calculate the carbon footprint of about 60% color printing factory was considering a full calculation and printing of all production-related carbon footprint, including energy, transportation, raw materials and waste, and 57% of color printing and even the waste landfill carbon footprint calculation process.

    waste recovery in good condition

    survey, 90% color printing factory is actively participating in and implementing waste recycling program, employees can recycle scraps of paper, and the production version, and so on. But surveys also show that only a small number of color printing plant to achieve full recovery of waste; 30% color printing factory waste recovery rate of waste recovery rate for 75%~99%;27% color printing factory for 50%~74%.

    certification of environmental protection favored

    at present, under the influence of increasing customer awareness of environmental protection, coupled with the increasing environment of public opinion of environmental protection drive, increasing environmental pressure in the printing industry. Investigations revealed that 2/3 customers attach great importance to color printing and printed products made by a variety of environmental certification, and nearly half of the color printing plant referred to the customer also requires enterprises to waste recycling have a clear project.

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