High quality painting and calligraphy art is of profound significance

    10yuwanjian precious collection of ancient Chinese painting and calligraphy of the Palace Museum in Beijing, they are at least several hundred years history, is already old age, due to the erosion of time, these paintings have become very fragile, some no longer exhibited frequently. High technology so that they have perhaps, high simulation instead of the original show, both to protect the original, and let more people appreciate these treasures handed down.

    everything in life, calligraphy and painting is no exception. Use the copy method to copy paintings into more or less a copy of the text, difficult to reproduce the original flavor. High technology is almost exactly the "clone" painting and calligraphy, so that these national treasures with a real face always handed down generation to generation.

    high quality paintings or people to learn Chinese calligraphy and painting art, the ideal material for understanding ancient artist's painting style. High quality painting is like painting and moved into the Palace institution of higher education, students can be observed at close range to copy, or even touch, feel every nuance of these famous paintings.

    forbidden city painting is a national treasure, an original only site, and hidden in the Palace, let alone ordinary people, even the Museum's painting and calligraphy experts are not often seen. And the original almost exactly the same high quality works of art sold in the market, in a sense, truly "the old Pavilion Hall former yan Wang, flying into the homes of ordinary people" of good will.

    treasures of the greatest value is that it contains a rich cultural connotations, which has witnessed China's long history, recorded the ancient civilization and heritage of outstanding national culture. Carry forward the Chinese culture and arts to the Chinese people, people around the world show a long bright Chinese calligraphy is an important task for us, High Court painting is of far-reaching significance.

    of the Hibiscus and Golden Pheasant are Emperor Huizong Zhao JI works, picture poetry, complement each other, with typical meticulous realist style;

    the eight horses actual Western painter Giuseppe Castiglione's work. Paint blend of Chinese and Western painting, both patterns of traditional Chinese ink painting, and the composition is more colorful.

    high quality painting and calligraphy art has opened the door to Chinese art, let people have more of an opportunity to learn about and awareness of the best works of painting and calligraphy in China, feelings and experience embedded in the painting and calligraphy in the profound cultural connotation, and understand Chinese history and splendid culture.

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