Higher the value of simulation drawing

    some might say, high quality art reproductions, reproductions and fakes what difference does it make? In fact, reproductions and fakes there are essential differences. Copy with genuine similar in material, form, technique, style, consistent with the requirements of authenticity. Production, although not subject to size restrictions, but God-like, and to be more faithful and closer to the original. While fakes are intentionally concealing the replica status, shoddy, with impurities in order to cheat the customers for the purpose of getting money.

    high is short for simulation of high quality art reproductions. High quality art reproductions is closer, more faithful to the original. Replica of what is high quality art reproductions, there is no uniform standard.

    high quality art reproductions should be based on the original standard, copy 95% to exactly match the original at least. In other words, the original and a copy put together, ordinary people could not tell the truth with the naked eye, only a professional who, by means of instruments are needed to distinguish, such works of art are considered high quality reproductions.

    exquisite of high simulation technology let Palace Museum, and Liaoning province Museum of experts also for of favored, in heritage experts of supervision and guide Xia, began high simulation copy Palace collection of painting, has copy has Beijing Palace Museum collection of 100 pieces, total 151 Zhang handed down masterpiece, copy has Liaoning province Museum collection of clear Palace lost painting 138 pieces, Jilin province Museum part hospital hid works. Today, the "high National Palace Museum painting series", "high fidelity, Liaoning Museum Palace lost paintings series" have been produced, each painting vivid representation of the original's charm, refined brush and wonderful ink in Chinese painting, paper and material beauty traces left paintings in the vicissitudes of time, displayed most vividly.

   , copy the painting is not a modern invention, as long as more than 1600 years ago, the Chinese had been using the copy method copies outstanding calligraphy and painting. Many of the national treasure paintings we see today, in fact, is not the original, but copied replica of the ancients. Copying the ancient paintings and calligraphy, what is the point of it?

    everything there is "life cycle", calligraphy and painting is no exception. In ancient China there, "Juan Paul 800, paper longevity of the Millennium," said. In other words, even if it is carefully kept, ink and calligraphy and painting only 800 years, paper crafts only collecting for 1000 years. With the progress of science and technology, although pictures of "life" in the extended, but will die out, and the best way to extend the life of calligraphy and painting copy replication.

    in order to reproduce the calligraphy ink perfectly, the Chinese had invented the "double hook-filled profile", that is coated with a transparent tissue or waxed paper and spread it over the original trace outline on, then strokes to copy it on paper, then fill in with ink as is. This copy works with the original track almost the same, but also more intact to keep the charm of the original. Calligrapher of the Tang dynasty copy of Feng Chengsu granted preface to the Orchid Pavilion is one of the most expressive works.

    high painting was unique with perfect reproduction of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy pen features and subtle color changes, in addition to praise, people cannot help but ask: how such clear high quality painting is made out of?

    high quality painting and calligraphy, is a perfect representation of the unique charm of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, new enjoyment for people, but also for traditional Chinese culture, ushered in a new way. Faced with these high quality works of art almost identical to the original, people cannot help but ask: do these simulation of painting and calligraphy have collectible value?

    expert's answer is Yes. In the 2005 print competition in Asia, "the National Palace Museum collection of painting and calligraphy simulation series" won six awards, including of the epang Palace won the only Grand Prix. High fidelity to the true reproduction of the originals of the epang Palace, where every little fine detail.

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