Book printing died shut in transition themselves smart crack

    in recent years, book printing market downturn has caused the industry to pay attention, and almost every word sounds associated with the publication printing market is gloomy and helpless. Now prevailing in electronic media, books and printing market in the future is highly variable, this is the book printing must face the fact. Faced with an uncertain future, after conversion mechanism, equipment modification and other internal reforms, more and more books and printing businesses need to sort out is now facing difficulties and challenges, to think about a more profound question: in transition themselves.

    book printing market is facing three major challenges

    from the application point of view, the book market can be divided into six areas, each area situations are also different. But continued economic downturn and the emergence of new digital devices such as eBook also did traditional book publishing and printing has a negative impact. Meanwhile, book printing market is facing three major challenges:

   , in the 2009-2012 period, printed publications remain the mainstream products on the market, but its production will be lower than the peak of a few years ago.

    second, the contents will change it from a simple print into a multimedia products spread through various channels.

    c, paper books and major sales channels--bookstores have gone through a life cycle peak and declined in the period 2009-2012.

    printing enterprise in had skids of a slice of book printing market, it is necessary to understand in front of their difficulties, and to take effective measures to meet these challenges, and in the fierce market competition for themselves out of Hades.

    publication printing market is facing three difficulties

    unfamiliar new field is committed to transformation of book printing enterprises should not only looking for direction, and fully prepared for the difficulties on the road ahead. Experts in the industry, and book printing enterprise's success in meeting the quality or to book the transition will not be easy, at least across the three "difficult times".

    market closed

    compared with the publication printing, packaging printing, commercial printing, security printing and other clients in the area of selection and printing suppliers to more harsh conditions, before book printing enterprises in the field of access to these markets had better have some customer and market resources, avoid blind horse caused investment losses.

    funds turn off

    transition must be supported by solid financial, for those stuck in the corner, inadequate cash flow businesses, restructuring is not a good choice. Publication printing is mainly reflected in the demand for capital in the transformation of two aspects: one is the equipment, the second is to get plenty of bed Fund.

    talent shut

    books not only the requirements of printing enterprises should be able to siege pulling Zhai marketers, and technical personnel familiar with the packaging and printing process. Packaging printed on color consistency requirements more stringent than the books, if the technician experience, quality does not meet customer requirements was rejected, will face large losses.

    cracking the books and printing market dilemma

    industry efforts to help themselves to some extent ease the pressure of publication printing business under difficult market conditions, it is difficult to dissolve the publication printing market Outlook a profound concern.

    in recent years, more and more enterprises show that has become a part of book printing enterprises in transition initiative.

    has the printing industry "national team" of China's printing group, when planning development blueprint for the next few years, clearly positive development outside of the book printing package printing.

    after times reform restructuring of Shanghai printing group for books printing business share accounted for 90% of situation, proposed to in consolidation books printing market of based Shang, adjustment products structure, vigorously development commercial printing, develop digital printing, and IC card printing and notes printing market, as soon as possible makes books printing and commercial printing business of share the accounted for 50%, related experts said: books printing market faced many problem, Transformation of enterprises must face the issue sooner or later.

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