2012 package printing inks continue to increase

&Nbsp;   through the ink industry point of view, in 2011, the raw material influenced the development of packaging printing inks. 2012 is very likely the same as in 2011, under the influence of this class. Flint Group Vice President, North America supply chain DianeParisi pointed out that in 2011, the raw-material costs directly affect the development of printing ink industry, there are many reasons for this, including supply and demand, environmental regulations leading to rising manufacturing costs and reduction of raw material suppliers, greater impact on the printing industry. "We see steady growth in 2011 the cost and many have reached record levels. "Parisi added," Unfortunately, the cost of raw materials will continue to maintain the growth trend in 2012, affect the packaging and printing industries. "" Trends in 2011 for the year 2010, raw material cost pressures. "Sun chemical purchasing manager EdPruitt said," resin, solvents (especially in Europe), acrylic, energy curable resins, carbon black, titanium dioxide, nitrocellulose, phthalocyanine pigments and other raw materials supply are nervous. "Supply problems and the cost pressures with the 2010 year is the same, in the development of the fast-growing market demand for raw materials, supply constraints, as well as India and China environmental protection requirements for the enhancement and strengthening of regulatory constraints, and eventually led to the cost pressures. "We are looking ahead to 2012, we would like to see raw materials suitable to the sustained improvement, we also hope that the petroleum and petrochemical derivatives, titanium dioxide and other commodity price volatility to global synchronization. "Pruitt added. "In the field of publishing, we have experienced a similar raw material prices and supply problems," Forker said, "However, because the specificity of packaging inks, inks needed more raw material, so to speak, relative to the field of publishing and printing, a single raw material price increases to the overall impact is relatively small. "" In some areas, such as solvents, resins and TiO? Production has increased, "Mr Hill noted that" TiO? Demand has increased, because it is an important part of packaging printing ink solvents. "" The upward trend in the cost of raw materials slightly at the end of last year, "said Mr Sickinger. "But if oil prices remain high, the economy continued to improve, I expected raw material costs continue to rise. The availability of raw materials will become an important issue. After a rebound in the property market, raw material suppliers are the construction industry more than paint and printing ink industry more dynamic. TiO? Price and supply remains a problem. Anyway, now the decline in raw material prices is not sufficient to offset the growth, but also we from customers facing price pressures. Ink industry does need to pressure to relax some of the prices of raw materials. "That is the factor we increase profits. Now the ink has been difficult to raise prices again. "Said Mr Callif
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