Pre-press layout should avoid topics

    in the process of publishing encounter some problems, such as: dislocation, garbled words, text, image, and so on. Indeed many problems in making a little attention can be avoided, will be making note of topics presented here, for your reference.

    1. Many staff did typesetting knows, not selected text bold in dealing with text, this edge will cause the text shadow (Chinese), if you need to use thicker text should instead use the line thicker font.

    2. Fonts you need to use the typesetting song fonts have been installed. If using the TURETYPE font is not installed on an imagesetter, you need to choose to download the fonts, OS8.5, OS8.6 system for downloads of some topics, topics of sometimes losing strokes need to be attentive.

    3. Check before publishing imprint, black automatic printing press in Pagemaker, but some blocks of color, line, you will need to do it yourself, software such as Freehand, III ustrator needs to set black imprint. For other colors need to imprint in the software need to be set. Particularly note is set after black embossed the grey place to check is not embossed.

    4. III direct publishing of slow ustrator software page, sometimes change page size, you can save it as an EPS file placed in the Pagemaker publishing, faster, but no effect, you need to select publishing method according to page.

    5. Image layout software is best not rotating, scaling, cutting. Rotate image-Sik in typesetting software publishing of computation, growth publishing time image display in the publishing software is crude, cutting, reduced image was not correct, and this method of cutting, reduced without reducing the amount of images, not reduce publishing time; in typesetting software Zoom image shadow effect in image quality. Therefore, image rotation, cutting, scaling, it is best to scan and image processing software.

    6. In the publishing process, especially when the English mixed in, pay attention to not use hyphenation and forced beside, due to making pages on the screen displays the first and last already aligned, but the actual output of the results did not perform this function.

    7. Some RIP Pagemaker6.5 software publishing 100%0% gradient will leave with a very significant response, gradient in the Phptoshop image can add noise to solve this problem.

    8. Some RIP imposition software publishing of most larger TIFF information when errors occur, so informative image is best stored as EPS pattern into publishing.

    9. Use the PC platform software publishing into, try to avoid using downloadable fonts for output, this formed the subject of the risk is very high, often garbled problem, you should install the same fonts on the PC platform, and RIP at the same time.

    10. Output on the page using WORD software on the PC platform, should pay attention to pages for monochrome pages, due to the color of the WORD software page is in RGB mode, output will have some problems, even if the error occurs in RIPK separations often.

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